ELLIS Home Repair & Inspections

When you're buying a home, you want to be sure everything is in good shape and we can help you

There are so many aspects of a home, both inside and out, that need to be visually inspected. Sometimes problems can be obvious, but other times it takes a trained eye to spot current or potential problems. That's where we come in - our trained experts will find any issues with your home and inform you of them. We will cover:


 -  Roof & attic

 -  Flashing and roof penetrations

 -  Foundation

 -  Exterior evaluation

 -  Structural evaluation

 -  Plumbing

 -  Heating

 -  Cooling

 -  Electrical systems

 -  Appliances

 -  Floors

 -  Interior/Exterior walls

 -  Garages and more

Contact us today to let us help you get the perfect home for your family.


We also specialize in small home repairs including plumbing and electrical work. Not only can we find the problems, we can fix them as well! Contact us today to get started.

Give your family the home they deserve.

You want to purchase the best and safest home for your family to live in. Let us help you.

Plumber fixing the sink